how languages shaped my life

i am bilingual in spanish and english. i have lived in the united states since i was almost three years old, but i was born an only child in cuba to cuban parents. by the age of two i had already been speaking spanish, even correcting peoples’ grammar. my mom told me that one time she laughed when someone said they were going to “eat” ice cream (comer helado), and i told them they were going to in fact “drink” ice cream (tomar helado), which is the correct term in spanish.

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an introduction to my new blog!

that’s right. i’m using for real now.

i never thought i would come back, but i figured that if i’m going to write at all (and actually post something) i should stop worrying about the details and focus on the actual writing. instead of dealing with creating an entire blog from scratch just for the sake of showing off and saving money, i should be using the word processor/cms that i find the most comfortable. in the long run this should save me a lot more time and help stop me from procrastinating on something that i’ve needed to do for a long time.

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