rat girl: new story idea

okay, are you ready for the spoilers? here it goes, so you can see just how ridiculous my ideas are…

basically, this boy is a carnivore, and upon her mother’s disapproval, rat girl winds up with this boy at the carnivore camp and discovers that he is one of the “hunters” in charge of, well, hunting herbivores to feed the camp. our protagonist rat girl learns that he is what her kind would consider a ruthless, heartless killer. but she likes him, so it doesn’t matter. she thinks she can surely “change” him with the power of love.

rat girl works hard to be accepted into this clan so she can be with this boy. but, she finds out that she loves eating meat as well. we slowly start to see a transformation in this girl, who even goes so far as to join the boy on his hunting excursions. the two also bond because of their similar pasts and loneliness despite their species.

by this point the girl is completely yandere for this boy, and she’s more happy than she’s ever been in her life.

but, it turns out that he is 2 years younger than what she thought he was, and that his attractive youthful face is what helps him get close enough to his kills.

in reality he wants to do more with his life, but he is an extremely successful killer and is forced by the establishment and his family to carry this traditional role that he hates. she learns the full truth about the boy’s past. disturbed, conflicted, and jealous, she leaves the camp.

in addition to her hatred for the people who hurt the boy she loves, she suddenly recalls memories of her traumatic past that she had repressed. this, combined with her obsessive love for the boy, fuels her rage and makes her seek out his childhood crushes to kill them. despite her righteous rage and her belief that she knows what’s best for the boy, she is not much better than those from his past. she needs him to be all hers, both in the present and the past.

she learns to depend on herself and uses her rat instincts to become an elusive killing machine of the night killing both herbivores and carnivores alike. the media in both camps pick up her crimes and she is identified as one of the missing omnivores from the herbivore camp.

her craven actions actually inspire the oppressed omnivores to use violence, believing that her motivations are political.

learning this, the rat girl is at first amused but then terrified. she has a psychotic break.

she wakes up in a world that is completely different. she wakes up in a bed in a room strangely made of wood. she looks at her hands and sees rat hands. her mother calls her from the hallway, and she’s a rat. she looks outside, and she lives inside a tree apartment building in a sprawling rat village. she had never seen so many of her own kind before. was everything just a dream?

she lives her life in this world for a while until her loneliness hits her again and she realizes she forgot about her true love. she questions herself if she really wants to stay in this peaceful idyllic world or return to the world where she really came from.

then, her village is attacked by a “giant” cat. this cat she recognizes as actually her true love. suddenly she hears a loud wail, followed by loud foot steps that make the world vibrate. the cat is scooped up, and then she sees… the human face of her mother!

she wakes up in a cold sweat on a makeshift bed. surrounding her are complete strangers who are actually rebel omnivores. she had passed out in an alley way and was recognized and brought to safety. outside a war was raging.

the rebels call themselves her comrades, but she explains she doesn’t want any part of this war. what she truly wants is to be with her true love, who is a carnivore. but, she was sure that neither he nor family could take her back, knowing the murders she had selfishly committed.

she expects the omnivores to be disgusted by this, but they state that they actually understand. in fact, little did she know, all along there was an underground organization of omnivores pushing for the unification of herbivores and carnivores as omnivores.

in fact, they had discovered that what were once considered herbivores and carnivores were actually also biologically omnivores, but the governments had been suppressing this information for years to keep people afraid and under control.

. . .

and that’s as far as i’ve been able to go! this story does have a happy ending, though. and the girl and boy end up happily together. :)

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