rat girl: new story idea

content warning: grisly topics are mentioned in this post. also, there’s spoilers on page 2.

i’ve always wanted to write an original story. as a kid i made some really cruddy comics about wolves and dogs that were heavily inspired by ginga densetsu weed, the first anime i ever watched on the internet. then i discovered sonic the hedgehog, but we’re not gonna get into that…

anyway, i’ve always been trying to refine some kind of story idea in my mind, and i’ve written outlines and rough drafts before, but i was never able to actually make any of these original ideas come to life – sometimes due to lack of time, but usually due to lack of motivation brought on by poor self-confidence.

but, one of the reasons i started this website was to share my story ideas, even if they never become anything. and that’s what i’ll finally do today.

my most recent story idea is set in a world like earth where there are no animals or humans left – only beings who look exactly like humans but possess animal ears and tails, making them the evolved descendants of animals once “true” humans have gone extinct.

in this world, these beings are divided regionally by their diets. herbivores stay with herbivores, carnivores stay with carnivores, and omnivores… well, omnivores are the smallest group, so they hang around in either camp.

the overarching tension in this story is the fact that, since there are no “true” animals left, carnivores survive by eating the herbivores. these creatures may be differentiated by the species they evolved from, but appearance-wise they all appear practically human. meaning that what the carnivores are doing is technically cannibalism.

as a result, both camps are at constant war, since the herbivores must fight for their lives while the carnivores must consume them to also survive. on top of this, the carnivores believe that in order to preserve the ecosystem they have the earthly duty of controlling the herbivore population. meanwhile, the minority of omnivorous creatures experience discrimination from either side – the herbivores not completely trusting them, and the carnivores seeing them as weaker or stupid than themselves. the omnivores usually have to resort to eating bugs to bulk up their diet.

in comes the main character, a small rat girl living in the herbivore camp. she is the single pup in her mom’s litter, and she is warm person who cares about every creature and teaches her to hold respect for even carnivores. despite these teachings, the protagonist never felt like she quite fit in with her herbivorous community, and she grew up quiet and avoidant of social interaction. from a young age she starts to wonder about what it would be like to live free of fear outside of her small bubble.

in her teenage years, she begins to secretly sympathize with carnivores and daydreams about running away thanks to what she researches on the internet for a school assignment.

when she decides to drive to a desolate park all alone one night after finishing her shift at her part-time retail job that she hates so much, she encounters a mysterious boy around her age who is concealing his animal parts. he is the one who will realize her fate and show her that she is the only master of it.

. . .

phew, okay. that was pretty vague. i don’t want to outright spoil things for people who find this premise interesting. click the number 2 below for the spoilers!

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