spore game review

This review is for the 2008 simulation game Spore™ on Steam, developed by Maxis™ and published by Electronic Arts.

the steam trailer

This game is ADDICTIVE. The possibilities for making goofy lil animals are endless, and I enjoy interacting with the strange species I encounter in the creature stage. The cell stage is also really cute. Besides the creature and mech creation, however, the level design is lacking in a lot of ways, and overall the game feels rushed. It’s a real shame because the creatures have a real charm and personality to them that I say makes this game worth it all the same.

Controls: 9/10 – Controls vary by level and for the most part make sense. They can be a little bit clunky, but it’s not game-breaking.

Gameplay and Concept Execution: 6/10 – The creature creator and mech creator are the highlights of this game, as you can make virtually anything. The actual levels are lackluster, and each is a different minigame including top-down, third-person adventure, and RTS. There’s no true evolution as the creator has complete control over how a creature changes, and a creature’s design does not affect a level’s outcome significantly. Many levels and features of the game have also been scrapped, leaving a somewhat barebones experience in the main game.

But wait! This game has cheat codes and achievements. You can find the achievements inside your Sporepedia in-game or on the Spore website.

Aesthetic: 10/10 – This game has a super original and memorable cartoony and clay 3D aesthetic that I have never seen done before. The overall vibe of the game is space and aliens.

Music: 9/10 – Tracks are definitely memorable but can become a little annoying due to the repetitive nature of the game.

Sound Design: 8/10 – The sounds are generally pleasant and goofy, but the sounds the creatures make can be a little irritating or ill-fitting at times. You don’t have much control over what noises a creature makes since it’s tied to the mouth parts.

Final Verdict: 🧬 8/10

Suggestions: Public online multiplayer, populate worlds with other players’ creatures, populate worlds with only your creatures, more sandbox features like hut building and terraforming, aquatic creatures, real flying, workshop support, tie achievements to Steam, make Steam badge.

A common problem I found with the game is that it will minimize a few seconds after running it on Windows 10. However, here’s the solution I found for it:

  1. Right click on the game in your library
  2. Click on properties
  3. Click on “set launch options”
  4. Type in -w <800>, click ok, and close the properties window.
  5. Play the game!

this review was originally posted on steam.

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