an introduction to my new blog!

that’s right. i’m using for real now.

i never thought i would come back, but i figured that if i’m going to write at all (and actually post something) i should stop worrying about the details and focus on the actual writing. instead of dealing with creating an entire blog from scratch just for the sake of showing off and saving money, i should be using the word processor/cms that i find the most comfortable. in the long run this should save me a lot more time and help stop me from procrastinating on something that i’ve needed to do for a long time.

as for the reason why i decided i wanted a sort of blog again (even after abandoning my first static jekyll blog)… lately i’ve been feeling like a pressure cooker ready to explode. i think about so many things all day long and have been dying to release these thoughts into the world, but there are always things distracting me from doing so. either there’s too much noise, too much work, too much self-doubt, too many little details for my mind to cling to, or even too many sprawling ideas. and, in the end, i wind up aimless yet again just doing the same routine.

updating a static jekyll blog frequently is just too cumbersome for me. static websites are really not meant to be updated frequently. if they were, they wouldn’t be static, they would be dynamic. static websites are good for something that you want to “set and forget”, but blogs have a pulse. you have to keep them alive with new content on a regular basis. my most recent failed attempt at making a static blog will now be shelved as just another website theme project. to update my static blogs i would have to create a new markdown file for the blog post, change all the yaml header data, code my text as html to fit the style of the rest of the website, then drag the finished file into the browser window with the correct folder in the github repository open, and finally press a button. then double check if everything came out right on the front-end.

as a blog, not worth the effort

whereas a dynamic cms like wordpress already comes packed with everything i need to write a draft, edit it, and post it without even having to leave my editor. no tedium.

trimming the extra fat would allow me to pump out content as soon as i feel it before the inspiration fades again. it’s no wonder why my writing productivity began dropping when i converted my very first blog into a static website. even though i had improved my web development skills tenfold by recreating it from scratch, i unknowingly turned the blog into something that would be harder to blog on.

on top of that, i now want to actually write about what comes most naturally to me, in the most conversational way i can, with the least number of distractions, so that i can actually say something truly meaningful not just tutorials and top ten lists.

this year i will write about my life, because it’s something that my shame has never allowed me to put down in writing in a very long time. i want to understand myself better beyond “22 year old female web developer who draws and writes occasionally” like, really? writes? the last time i truly wrote from the heart was when i was around 14 and wrote a 40-something-page fanfiction about the game amnesia: justine. and i sadly don’t even have the copy anymore.

but, frankly speaking, this blog will function almost like a stream-of-consciousness public diary with some fiction thrown in from time-to-time for some flavor. i will talk about my past, i will talk about my present, i will talk about topics that interest me, i will talk about my ideal world and ideas i have for stories, and of course i will explain all of it to death.

but before all that i have to tweak this site to my liking. stay tuned for my next story!

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